Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are an attractive option for those who want to coordinate their blinds with other surrounding furnishings to achieve a soft appearance, and are available in a variety of fabrics that offer differing vision, UV and light control functionality.

The selection of fabrics include blockout, translucent or light-filtering, and mesh options that include a vast array of fabric properties and finishes.

Blockout (or blackout) fabrics provide 100% control over light, UV and vision when they are in operation; translucent fabrics provide limited control over light, 100% of UV and vision; and depending on selection, mesh fabrics provide partial to almost complete control of UV.

Roman Blinds can also be manufactured with a selection of trim finishes and patterns, and are available in both chain and cord operation. Chain operation offers the benefit of not having to deal with a lengthened operating cord when the blind is drawn, however, this does require an allowance from the fabric coverage for the chains operating mechanism.