Lock-Arm Awnings

Lock-Arm Awnings (a.k.a Automatic Awnings) are a versatile system well suited for easy to access openings that require shading from the harsh Australian sun. These awnings operate along a guide rail that allows you to ‘lock’ the awning ‘arms’ at any given position and feature a spring-loaded tube that keeps the fabric ‘skin’ constantly tensioned.

Installation can be within an opening or across the face of an opening (which provides greater shading cover). Guide rails and arms feature brass-plated steel (as opposed to the galvanised option available on the market) which greatly reduces the chance of corrosion and pitting, that can lead to unsightly, noisy and hard-to-operate awnings.

Available with hoods to protect the fabric when retracted and different sized arms to clear obstructions (e.g. air-conditioners installed through glass panes).