Pivot-Arm Awnings

Pivot-Arm awnings are a cost-effective solution for openings that are either hard to access or wider in dimension. This style of awning is essentially controlled by gravity, meaning it can be operated by cord, tape (for manual, internal control) or motor. As the name suggests, there is a central point at which the ‘arms’ are installed which they ‘pivot’ from to provide as little or as much cover as required.

Installation is generally better suited across the face of an opening, however, depending on the operation required (cord, tape or motor), this may dictate a position necessary to allow for additional operating componentry. The System 2000 range of Pivot-Arm Awnings, feature UV-stabilised plastics and aluminium which greatly reduces the chance of corrosion and pitting, that can lead to unsightly, noisy and hard-to-operate awnings.

We also offer the Traditional and Convertible style of Pivot-Arm Awnings for those with existing awnings to match, however, we recommended the System 2000 range because of its design and features.

The style of awning is available with hoods that protect the fabric when retracted.