Straight-Drop Awnings

Ideal for verandahs, patios, carports and other structures with posts, Straight-Drop Awnings are an effective and inexpensive option to provide shade for external living areas. Controlled by gravity, this style can be operated by cord, tape (for manual, internal control) or motor, and also offers a variety of fastening options and methods.

Generally installed between posts (we can easily install additional posts) and walls or on the face of a structure, Straight-Drop Awnings offer an unobtrusive option. Installed with fixing points, they can also offer a full or partial cover, however, because of their lack of componentry, they do not offer the level of control that other Retractable Awnings, in the same application, do (such as Wire-Guide Awnings or Channel Awnings).

Along with the different operating methods, we can also provide different fixing options. Available with hoods to complement the surrounding structure as well provide additional protection for the retracted fabric.