Dutch Hood & Carriage Awnings

Whether you call it a Dutch Hood Awning or a Carriage Awning (they are exactly the same), this style of awning offers a smart finish for those wanting to cover openings with larger widths (opposed to Cupola & Dome Awnings which are generally selected for smaller dimensions) and provides an elegant presence above windows and doors, whilst still providing cover against the sun and rain.

With its wider dimension, this style of Awning also offers the required proportions suited for both doorways and larger expanses of windows. It also complements premises with Cupola & Dome Awnings (generally installed above openings with smaller widths), as it can be manufactured with the same fabric. By itself, the design (especially the rounded ends) offers, with a suitable colour or pattern, a stylish and attention grabbing furnishing.

Often installed onto commercial properties including retail shop fronts, restaurants and hotels, these awnings are also popular in residential applications and you will find them suitable to house designs that are both contemporary and traditional in their presentation.

Our Dutch Hood Awnings and Carriage Awnings come with aluminium framing, providing the required strength without the excess weight to work against the structure retaining its shape and finesse. The skin can be made out of canvas, acrylic or PVC fabrics, with PVC offering both waterproofness and stability of surface (when compared to canvas and acrylic fabrics).