Awning Range

Awnings are a great way to provide external protection against the effects of the harsh Australian climate. With a selection of differing operations and controls, you can easily achieve your desired result with a stylish and functional product. Our awning range presents permanently fixed coverings through to systems that can completely retract to allow for year round control and benefit.

Our Canopy Awning Range suits applications where a permanent solution is required. This range includes the more decorative style of awnings often seen on the facade and entry of buildings and commercial premises.

If you are in a position of needing a greater level of protection and control against more intense and sustained weather, be it exposure to the sun or storm occurences, the Louvre Awning Range (featuring products manufactured with steel) offer an ideal, long-term solution.

For those areas of your property (windows, doorways, verandahs, patios, decks, etc) that require shading throughout the warmer months only, our Retractable Awning Range delivers a variety of operating options to allow for most applications.