Automation & Motorisation

Motorisation provides total control at the touch of a button, offering a far easier solution to operating your Blinds and Retractable Awnings.

Our motorised products incorporate quality somfy motors that are whisper quiet and are renowned for their smooth and long-lasting performance. A somfy motor will provide effortless operation of even the largestĀ Blinds and Retractable Awnings.

With its discreet incorporation, a somfy motor is well out of sight, with only the wall-mounted switch orĀ  hand-held remote to be seen. Motorisation is also a great alternative for those who wish to avoid having crank or spool components on display.

somfy motors also have the option of being powered by batteries, wired into electric circuits or plugged into wall-mounted sockets for specific applications.

To operate your motorised Blinds or Retractable Awnings, there is the flexibility that offers easy and convenient control of an individual or group of products through single or multiple control units. Control units can also be wired or wireless to suit a variety of requirements.