Guarantee & Warranty

All of our products are guaranteed to be manufactured with high-quality componentry and expert workmanship and accordingly we will warrant our products for a period of twelve (12) months from the original date of purchase of any of our products. We also extend this guarantee to our installation workmanship for the same period of twelve (12) months.

Due to the nature of our products (i.e. the amount of operation they receive and exposure to the elements) and that proper care would dictate they are not ‘set and forgotten’, we are confident our warranty provides genuine peace of mind.

In the unlikely event of a product failing within the twelve (12) month period, and you had purchased our installation service, Southern Cross Blinds will return to your premises and either repair the product onsite or return it to our factory for further repairs or a replacement. The repaired or replaced product will then be delivered to the customers premises and installed. This process will generally have the same time-frame as the original order.

If the product was not installed by Southern Cross Blinds, it can be delivered to our premises by the customer, whereby Southern Cross Blinds will carry out repairs or replace the faulty product. Once completed, the product can be collected by the customer from our premises.