Light & Vision Control

Individual coverings will provide varying degrees of light control and privacy (vision) from and into your home or office and the result will grealty contribute to and influence the ambience and practicality of an area.

Generally, products that utilise solid or blockout materials, with blades, slats, vanes or louvres, offer the greatest ability to simultaneously control the amount of light and privacy. Materials that diffuse or filter light can provide varying degrees of light control, however, unless they are configured with a similar product utilising blockout material, may not allow for any privacy. This is often why dual blind configurations are selected: as they accomodate personal preferences towards a particular products look and style, while still delivering a practical solution.

When considering your privacy, its also important to consider the location of the window or door as it can affect your final choice. Removing unwanted views from a busy suburban street versus the need for providing night time privacy can be achieved through different products, depending on what other requirements you may have.