Cost of Ownership

When purchasing window furnishings, its important to consider how you want the product to function and how long you intend on owning it.

Window and door furnishings can help provide a myriad of benefits (Energy Efficiency, Noise Reduction, Light & Vision Control, etc). With this in mind, it is clear to understand the added-value that can be provided from an investment of a superior product; one that will be a long-term solution because of it’s quality.

So with that in mind, children, pets, wind, ultraviolet rays and a multitude of other factors will effect  your furnishings, their life span and reduce your plan of outliving your furnishings.

Planning for the life (is it a temporary solution? rental property?) of a window or door furnishing can easily determine whether to stay within your budget or go a little bit over for that extra quality or practicality.

At Southern Cross Blinds all our products are provided with a Guarantee & Warranty, as well as being manufactured with high-quality and Australian sourced componentry. With our industry expertise and methodology, you can rest assured that if the time comes for you to change your furnishings in the near future, it will only be a result of changing fashions.